- Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Prunus pendula 'Yae-Beni-Shidare'. Photo by Ruiyan Xu.

Prunus pendula ‘Yae-Beni-Shidare’

About Prunus pendula 'Yae-Beni-Shidare'

This variety is commonly called double pink weeping cherry. Also called the Sendai spring cherry, it has red buds that open to double pink flowers on a broadly weeping tree.

Stages of Bloom

Yae-Beni-Shidare Pre Bloom Yae-Beni-Shidare First Bloom Yae-Beni-Shidare Peak Bloom Yae-Beni-Shidare Post Bloom
Pre Bloom First Bloom Peak Bloom Post Peak

Location at BBG

Cherry Esplanade, Japanese Hill-and-Garden Pond