In September of 2003, the Brooklyn Academy of Science and the Environment (BASE) opened its doors for the very first time, to a group of 125 ninth graders. BASE is a "small" public high school that is capped at 500 students. The mission of BASE is to create a learning community that embraces the environment as a body of knowledge for understanding the world we share; while engaging and addressing the needs of our students.

Students at BASE have the opportunity to take advantage of three campuses that are within a stone's throw of each other: the Academy itself, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and Prospect Park. BBG and PPA are involved in the development and implementation of curriculum with the school administration. BBG and PPA contribute lessons and activities that directly support required New York City and State curricula. Students attend field studies built into their regular school schedules at either Prospect Park or the Garden; during this time they use a wide range of equipment and learn scientific research skills that would not otherwise be available. BASE parents are invited to workshops and events hosted by both partner institutions.

For more information about BASE, please visit the BASE website.

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