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Weed of the Month: Morning Glory

Morning Glory

Fall color isn’t confined to red, orange, and yellow. This time of year, we’re also treated to pops of purple and pink from the irresistible, irrepressible morning glory! You will see this prolific vine climbing fences and blooming through early fall. The Latin genus name, Ipomoea, means “like a worm that eats

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All About Bugs: Fantastic Flies

Long-Legged Fly

Flies are familiar to all of us. They are best known as the ubiquitous pest of summer: fruit flies swarming on bananas, house flies buzzing against windows, or mosquitoes spoiling an evening picnic. But it wouldn’t be fair to judge all flies by the behaviors of a few pests. The order of flies is huge and diverse,

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Birds of Brooklyn: Tree Swallow

Tree Swallow

The fall migration of the tree swallow is one of the most spectacular birding events in the NYC area. As they pass through, the birds cover the outer beaches of Brooklyn, Queens, and both Nassau and Suffolk Counties, where flocks of 10,000 or more birds are not unusual. Smaller flocks fly over BBG and Prospect Park,

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Eat Local: Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup

Roasted Red Peppers and Tomato Soup

As summer yields to autumn and the shorter days grow cooler, the time has come to enjoy the last of summer’s fruits and vegetables. This recipe is excellent with September red bell peppers that have grown to full maturity over a long season, concentrating their flavor and sweetness. For best results, choose varieties

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All About Bugs: Introduction to Butterflies

Eastern Tailed Blue

Butterflies are perhaps the most beloved of the arthropod inhabitants of our gardens. They’re big and beautiful, slowly moving from flower to flower or flapping and gliding overhead. The flora at BBG are host to many species of butterfly, either as caterpillars or as adults, and you’ll see them all around the Garden

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Monarch Caterpillar Goes Green (Video)

Monarch Caterpillar

Nature is often beautiful and sometimes cruel. It is also frequently funny, especially if you have a scatological sense of humor. Case in point: this footage of a monarch caterpillar, taken last week in the Native Flora Garden meadow by curator Uli Lorimer. All kidding aside, any sign of monarchs thriving in Brooklyn

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