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Beat the Blues

Magnolia branches with snow

If the onset of winter triggers you to sleep too much and devour comfort food, you are not alone. Many people experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a change in mood during the winter months that comes as a result of seasonal light cycle variation. Others might feel sluggish or down in a way that’s not quite SAD, but is still less than

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Winter Berries, Why Are You Still Here?


Berries that linger well into winter are lovely to behold. Such BBG specimens as the crabapples in the Osborne Garden, the American holly in the Native Flora Garden and the winterberries outside the Steinhardt Conservatory are highlights of a winter visit. But why exactly have these plants developed this characteristic? After all, the vast majority

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Fashionable Firs

Grand fir

What’s the most popular Christmas tree species in North America? BBG’s Holiday Tree Key may provide a clue. The key lets users click through a series of questions about their tree’s characteristics to determine its species. By tabulating the page views during last year’s holiday season, we’ve come up with an admittedly

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Terrarium: A New Exhibit at BBG


Terrariums have captivated people since the first one was accidently created in 1829 by an amateur entomologist attempting to make a habitat for a moth chrysalis inside a bottle. Terrarium, a new exhibit on view now at BBG, shows how far these “gardens in a bottle” have come since then. As part of the exhibit, which also includes

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Dishing Dirt on BBG’s Horticulture Internship

Alternative Transportation

Weeks after Hurricane Irene, we were still carrying out damaged tree limbs from the Native Flora Garden. I must be about half the size of curator Uli Lorimer, who was directing our work there, and the logs were twice the size I’d have liked. I carried them up the sloped wood-chip path as my muscles ached and sweat beaded on my brow.

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