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Saying Goodbye to Natural History

Alien Versus Elephant

In August 2010, artist Patrick Dougherty and a team of volunteers constructed a sculpture out of sticks. Since then, tens of thousands of BBG visitors have explored Natural History with a sense of wonder and delight. If you came upon it from a distance, and you might have noticed its elephant-like shape. From the inside,

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Coming Soon: Cool Season Veggies

Urban Garden

More wet weather this week has helped the newly planted edible plants in the Annual Border establish themselves and saved BBG’s gardeners the trouble of doing much supplemental watering. Of course they’ve used the extra time to pull the weeds that also thrive in the rain. All in all, the season is off to a good start,

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Wearable Art

Nicole Dextras Gala Creations

What kind of art would Andy Goldsworthy make if he were a woman? That’s a question environmental artist Nicole Dextras asked herself one day while searching for inspiration for her next project. Her answer: plant-based sculptures that are wearable and even wonderfully stylish. Dextras has created a series of seven such

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Off to a Wet Start

Urban Garden

It’s always helpful when the weather cooperates with your gardening plans. This week’s soaking rain started just a few days after BBG’s gardeners finished planting the Urban Garden exhibit. “It was kind of nice timing. That’ll help everything get established,” says Warm Temperate Pavilion curator Karla Chandler,

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Terrarium: A New Exhibit at BBG


Terrariums have captivated people since the first one was accidently created in 1829 by an amateur entomologist attempting to make a habitat for a moth chrysalis inside a bottle. Terrarium, a new exhibit on view now at BBG, shows how far these “gardens in a bottle” have come since then. As part of the exhibit,

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Beautifully Photographed by BBG Visitors

2012 Calendar Contest Winner: August

When BBG’s staff was brainstorming to find a theme for our 2012 calendar, we came up with an intriguing question: What would happen if we tapped into the amazing pool of talented photographers who enthusiastically document the Garden throughout the seasons? To learn the answer, we held a photo contest. The submissions

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