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Recipe: Apple Dutch Baby

Apple Dutch Baby

As a member of a small farm share this year, I received more apples than I could eat raw. I have juiced them and made applesauce, but I still have plenty on hand. So when I recently decided to make a Dutch baby, a wonderful pancake variation I had eaten but not yet made myself, my extra apples were an obvious addition. I

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Recipe: Chile Pepper Sambal

Chile Pepper Sambal

Chile peppers grow readily in NYC—a simple urban garden can sometimes out-produce a gardener’s ability to use them while fresh. Luckily, preserving them is easy. They can be air-dried, dehydrated, or pickled in vinegar brine, but making homemade hot sauce is one of my favorite techniques. Hot sauces play an integral

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Recipe: Eggplant Tzatziki


I love cooking with and eating all types of eggplants, whether they come from a supermarket, farmers market, or my own rooftop container garden. But it seems that not everyone is such a fan. Some people are turned off by the way conventional eggplants, the large purple ones, often have a tough skin, high seed-to-flesh

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