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Tiger Orchid Becomes the Latest Media Darling

BBG’s Grammatophyllum speciosum is continuing to unfurl its hundreds of blossoms, offering a rare opportunity to see this gigantic plant—considered the world’s largest orchid species—in such dramatic bloom. But don’t take our word for it—the media has fallen under its spell, too.

  • Gothamist, WNYC, ABC News, and the Huffington Post were captivated by its beauty (and recent weight gain).
  • The Brooklyn Paper had a cheeky take on the bloom, likening the plant’s new fertilizer to a special sauce of sorts.

It's still blooming, so come so come to the Aquatic House and see for yourself!

Kate Blumm is the Communications manager for Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Image, top of page:
BBG's Grammatophyllum speciosum (tiger orchid) blooms in 2011. Photo by Elizabeth Peters.