A Message from the President

Dear Friends,

Some of you may have seen news reports or petitions suggesting that Brooklyn Botanic Garden has ended its commitment to plant science and research. I am writing today to assure you that this is not the case. Plant science remains a fundamental part of Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s mission and programs, and is the basis of all our extensive education, interpretation, and publications efforts.

Several times in its history, the Garden has paused to take a careful look at its research program and realign its focus, and we are now at another such juncture. In August, BBG placed its research program on hiatus as it responds to engineering problems at the Garden’s off-site science building and complex operating budget and staffing issues.

We are grateful to the New York Botanical Garden for its generous offer to help support BBG’s herbarium of more than 300,000 pressed, dried plant specimens while BBG makes plans for a new building to house its science programs and collections. Data assembled on the regional flora remain available on our website.

While we build a new facility and re-envision the goals for scientific research at BBG, the Garden will continue to do what it has done throughout its 103-year history: welcome hundreds of thousands of visitors each year to its 52-acre garden, educate thousands of young people about their environment, and invest in community horticulture to green our borough and enrich our lives.

I look forward to keeping you informed about the milestones in our progress to advance a new program of scientific research at BBG.

Scot Medbury
BBG President

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