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Zoom Backgrounds

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  • People walking along a ramped pathway flanked on either side by grassy plants and flowers.

    Robert W. Wilson Overlook

    The Robert W. Wilson Overlook’s ascending path is framed by 34 crape-myrtles of 12 different taxa. The Overlook’s crape-myrtle collection offers a spectacular floral show in late summer and vibrant foliage in autumn, and the trees’ patterned, exfoliating, cinnamon-colored bark extends their visual appeal into winter. Photo by Michael Stewart.

    Download Robert W. Wilson Overlook Background (jpg)

  • Green-leaved trees featuring clusters of flowers in white, pink and coral.


    The new Robert W. Wilson Overlook’s landscape introduces over 40,000 new plants into the Garden’s collection and is defined by its curving path, flowering crape-myrtle trees, and an immersive, four-season planting scheme of ornamental grasses and herbaceous perennials. Photo by Michael Stewart.

    Crape-Myrtles Background (jpg)

  • A brook runs through a grassy area with daffodils at its side and trees in the distance.

    Belle’s Brook

    Lovely flowers in a wide variety of colors and forms bloom throughout summer along Belle’s Brook. Belle’s Brook is part of the Water Conservation Project, which allows the Garden to filter and recirculate fresh rainwater and groundwater throughout its 52-acre watershed, reducing water consumption and easing the burden on city storm drains. Photo by Steven Severinghaus.

    Download Belle’s Brook Background (jpg)

  • A red Japanese torii stands in a pond, both are covered in snow. Tall trees with snow on their branches are in the background, against a blue clouded sky.

    Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden in Winter

    The Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden is especially enchanting after a snowfall, thanks to its evergreen trees that are artfully pruned to hold snow. Photo by Rebecca Bullene.

    Download Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden in Winter Background (jpg)

  • A small Japanese-style roofed structure along a path in a garden full of plants with bright autumn foliage of oranges, reds and yellows.

    Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden

    The Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden’s vistas are gradually revealed as you walk along the garden’s winding path. It was designed to be both viewed from a distance and explored on foot. The idealized landscape was created in the Japanese tradition of shizen—the art of making a garden look as though it has grown that way on its own. Photo by Michael Stewart.

    Download Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden Background (jpg)

  • A profusion of late-summer flowers. The BBG logo is superimposed.

    Annual Border

    The Garden’s Annual Border offers two new display of plants each year: a colorful burst of more than 6,000 tulips for spring, and a summertime array of specially designed beds. Photo by Michael Stewart.

    Download Annual Border Background (jpg)

  • A path through a field of bluebells. The BBG logo is superimposed.


    Nestled under oak, birch, and beech trees, more than 45,000 bluebells (Hyacinthoides hispanica ‘Excelsior’) burst into flower each spring. Located just south of Cherry Esplanade, the bluebells create an enchanting woodland display. Photo by Antonio M. Rosario.

    Download Bluebells Background (jpg)

  • Two rows of trees bursting with pink blossoms converge.

    Cherry Esplanade

    This broad green lawn is bordered by allées of flowering cherry and red oak trees. Showing off shades of pink and red, the double-flowering ‘Kanzan’ cherry trees are a beautiful highlight of the spring season. Photo by Steven Severinghaus.

    Download Cherry Esplanade Background (jpg)

  • Petals line a path beneath flowering cherry branches. The BBG logo is superimposed.

    Cherry Walk

    In the spring, the blossom-laden boughs of Prunus ‘Kanzan’ cherry trees form a gorgeous pink arc under which festive crowds of admirers pass. The path winds past a stream, bridge, and small waterfall on the periphery of the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden. Photo by Steven Severinghaus.

    Download Cherry Walk Background (jpg)

  • A bright orange gate stands in a pond surrounded by well-manicured shrubs and trees.

    Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden

    The Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden is one of the oldest and most visited Japanese-inspired gardens outside Japan. Architectural details of note include stone lanterns, wooden bridges, a Shinto shrine, and a dramatic, vermilion-colored wooden torii. Photo by Steven Severinghaus.

    Download Japanese Garden Background (jpg)

  • the BBG logo superimposed on a photo of wisteria-covered pergolas

    Osborne Garden

    This Italianate garden features an emerald lawn framed by wisteria-draped pergolas. Architectural features include two sets of stone columns and curving acoustic “whispering” benches. Photo by Steven Severinghaus.

    Download Osborne Garden Background (jpg)

  • Close up of rich green tropical leaves. The BBG logo is superimposed.

    Fruit of the Devil

    Montrichardia arborescens, or fruit of the devil, is a tropical plant that grows along bodies of water. Featuring arrow-shaped leaves, this plant is used by numerous species (including humans) as food and medicine. It can be found in BBG’s Aquatic House. Photo by Michael Stewart.

    Download Fruit of the Devil Background (jpg)

  • A tree covered in small pink flowers with an old-fashioned building behind it.

    Showy Crabapple

    Colloquially known as the showy crabapple, Malus floribunda bursts spectacularly into bloom in spring. Featuring fragrant, pale pink blossoms, the showy crabapple is native to Japan and thrives in sunlight. Photo by Steven Severinghaus.

    Download Crabapple Background (jpg)

  • A closeup of a sunflower. The BBG logo is superimposed.


    Helianthus annuus is a fast-growing annual with bright, hairy yellow petals. Sunflower cultivars bloom in the summer, and follow the motion of the sun from sunrise to sunset. Photo by Michael Stewart.

    Download Sunflower Background (jpg)

  • a stark black background with bold yellow words: Fight for Sunlight

    Fight for Sunlight Campaign

    Show your support for the Fight for Sunlight campaign! Learn more about the existential threat and access an advocacy toolkit at

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