Fragrance Garden at Brooklyn Botanic Garden (Video) - Brooklyn Botanic Garden

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Fragrance Garden at Brooklyn Botanic Garden (Video)

Fragrance Garden at Brooklyn Botanic Garden (Video)

In the Fragrance Garden, you can connect with the plants on a multisensory level—it’s the type of garden that pulls you in. In this video, gardener Jennifer Williams explains a little about the history of the Fragrance Garden’s forward-thinking design with four distinct themes.

The Fragrance Garden is also a special part of the Garden’s Seasonal Highlights Memory Tours, which allow participants to connect with nature and decrease isolation. “It’s a really beautiful way for them to engage in whatever way is comfortable for them,” explains school workshops coordinator Joanne D’Auria, who leads the tours. Watch below.


Michael Stewart is Brooklyn Botanic Garden's photographer and video producer.

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Image, top of page: Michael Stewart