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Junior Botanists Have a Hefty Harvest

Junior Botanists Have a Hefty Harvest

Students from all over Brooklyn harvested 55 pounds of kale, peppers, okra, and other vegetables in the Children's Garden and made some delicious snacks with their bounty. Fifteen families attended the Junior Botanist and Plant Investigator reunion on September 21, the largest such reunion to date.

Participants were nominated by their teachers during the school year through BBG's Project Green Reach. From July through mid-August, the kids came to the garden three days a week. They tended beds and learned about botany, horticulture, nutrition, and cooking. Toward the end of the celebration, participants also planted radishes, tatsoi, and lettuce in the garden beds, which will be ready to harvest in just a few weeks when the group returns for another visit.

Blanca Begert is Brooklyn Botanic Garden's photographer and digital media producer.

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Image, top of page: Blanca Begert