Lily Pool Terrace at Brooklyn Botanic Garden (Video) - Brooklyn Botanic Garden

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Lily Pool Terrace at Brooklyn Botanic Garden (Video)

Lily Pool Terrace at Brooklyn Botanic Garden (Video)

Flanked by the Annual and Perennial Borders, the Lily Pools put on a spectacular show in summer. Water-lilies and lotuses are in good company, joined by annuals like Colocasia and canna-lilies. You’ll often find dragonflies skimming the surface of the water, or perched on a plant label. For gardener Wayken Shaw, who curates Lily Pool Terrace, to experience these aquatic plants is to appreciate not only the plant breeding history, but also “the sheer beauty” of the flower. Watch below.


Kathryn Tam is a former editor of Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s digital editorial content.

Michael Stewart is Brooklyn Botanic Garden's photographer and video producer.

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