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Saying Goodbye to Natural History

Saying Goodbye to Natural History

In August 2010, artist Patrick Dougherty and a team of volunteers constructed a sculpture out of sticks. Since then, tens of thousands of BBG visitors have explored Natural History with a sense of wonder and delight. If you came upon it from a distance, and you might have noticed its elephant-like shape. From the inside, you may have looked up and seen the contrast between the sticks above you and the sky beyond. No matter where you stood, the piece always seemed a bit magical.

Natural History was originally slated to come down during the summer of 2011, but due to its popularity, BBG elected to extend its stay. But it was not built to last forever. The sculpture is now breaking down due to natural wear and tear and the effects of Hurricane Sandy and other storms. It will soon be time for the end of History, and later this month, Garden staff will disassemble the piece.

So take a look back at the beauty of Natural History in all seasons, seen through the eyes of BBG visitors, with some favorite shots from the BBG Visitor Group on Flickr (click on any image to see the photographer's name), and revisit the construction of the sculpture. And of course, remember to pay one last visit to BBG before the end of December to say goodbye!

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Image, top of page: Antonio M. Rosario