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Warm Temperate Pavilion at Brooklyn Botanic Garden (Video)

The Warm Temperate Pavilion is always a treat for the senses, but it might be at its most extraordinary during the late winter months of January, February, and March.

“It’s a really fragrant pavilion,” says curator Caitlin Ndoye. A lot of that scent comes from the fragrant olive, an “unassuming little tree” intermingled with Australian rosemary, scented geranium, and mint. As you move throughout the room, the brightly hued natal-lilies and birds-of-paradise offer splashes of drama, while a wide array of delicate bulbs native to South Africa are also in bloom.

In the video below, Ndoye offers a private tour of her favorite seasonal highlights.


Michael Stewart is a former photographer for Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

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Image, top of page: Michael Stewart