United Birds of America (E Pluribus Unum) - Brooklyn Botanic Garden

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United Birds of America (E Pluribus Unum)

Julie Peppito
Wood, metal, plastic, concrete, mosaic, found objects, wire
5 ft. × 3 ft. × 14 ft.
Plant Family Collection

Julie Peppito’s ornate birdhouse is an aspirational metaphor for a compassionate United States, one that lives up to its motto, “E Pluribus Unum”: “Out of Many, One.” Encrusted with mosaics, crystal beads, paintings, Americana, and household objects, the bird-condo houses five American birds: a “wise” barn owl, American kestrel, American redstart, American goldfinch, and American robin. Each of the American birds included has its own special characteristics. Some are declining in number, while others are not, yet all are endangered. As Americans, we are, too. We must learn to live together or “Divided, we fall.”

  • A woman with short auburn hair works on a wall assemblage featuring cloth, household objects, and illustrations

    Julie Peppito (b. 1970, U.S.) is a Brooklyn-based artist who combines multiple materials in her sculptures, tapestries, collages, and playground art. She has exhibited at the Long Island Children’s Museum, Kentler International Drawing Space, Heskin Contemporary, Art in General, PS 122, and multiple other venues. She received a NYFA fellowship and has made art for New York Parks Department playgrounds. Inspired by botanicals, medieval sculpture, and the tantalizing excesses of our consumer society, Peppito’s work explores the connections between everyone and everything.

    Artist website: juliepeppito.com
    Instagram: @juliepeppito

Photo: Sarah Klock



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