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For the Birds

Foraged Materials for Foraging Birds

Miriam Peterson & Nathan Rich (Peterson Rich Office)
Recycled mahogany wood, recycled stone countertops
1 ft. × 6 ft.
Annual Border

Foraged Materials for Foraging Birds is designed for birds who nest in natural chambers like those found in trees, cliffs, and dunes. Made from reclaimed mahogany wood and countertop stone—materials left over from the construction of human dwellings—this birdhouse provides a cavity for nesting and a milled stone bowl that will gather rainwater as a birdbath. “We look forward to seeing these human construction materials getting new life as a home for these resourceful birds,” say designers Miriam Peterson and Nathan Rich.

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    Peterson Rich Office is an interdisciplinary design studio working on cultural projects with social impact. Founded by Miriam Peterson (b. 1982, U.S.) and Nathan Rich (b. 1980, U.S.), PRO was awarded the New Practice New York prize by the American Institute of Architects and was named to the 2018 Design Vanguard by Architectural Record. Most recently, the firm was named a 2020 Emerging Voice by the Architectural League. PRO is currently working on cultural, residential, and commercial projects in New York, Connecticut, Michigan, California, and London.

    Artist website:
    Instagram: @peterson_rich_office

Photo: Devon Banks


May 18th 1929 Lost
Alex Somers

This recording from The Birdsong Project was selected to complement this birdhouse.

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