Books for Birds - Brooklyn Botanic Garden

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For the Birds

Books for Birds

Warby Parker
Plywood, Corian, pine wood
2 ft. × 2 ft. × 2 ft.
Bamboo Grove

Books for Birds birdhouse at Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Warby Parker’s birdhouse, Books for Birds, was inspired by the notion that if people can birdwatch, then wildlife can “people-watch,” too. Their birdhouse is constructed of books imagined for birds—the most avid people-watchers—featuring instructive titles such as Rare Brooklynites and Their Nesting Behaviors and People Songs: Vol. 2 (1990–1999). Two miniature library-inspired reference desks are placed in the birdhouse, replicas of the ones found in every Warby Parker store.

Warby Parker (est. 2010, U.S.) was founded with a mission: to inspire and impact the world with vision, purpose, and style. Since the day they launched in 2010, they’ve pioneered ideas, designed products, and developed technologies that help people see. Be it glasses for reading, sunglasses for birding, or contacts for reading about birding—they’ve got your eyes covered.

Instagram: @warbyparker


In The Gale
Yo Yo Ma

This recording from The Birdsong Project was selected to complement this birdhouse.

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