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Ferns: Wild Things Make a Comeback in the Garden

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  • Introduction, by C. Colston Burrell
  • What Makes a Fern a Fern, by Judith I. Jones
  • Growing Ferns From Spores, by Judith I. Jones
  • Three Easy Ways to Propagate Ferns
  • How to Grow Ferns, by Nancy Swell
  • Landscaping With Ferns, by Nancy Swell
  • Ferns in Containers, by R. William Thomas
  • Encyclopedia of Ferns, by C. Colston Burrell
  • Top Ten Ferns by Region
  • Where to See Ferns, by Charlotte A. Jones-Roe
  • Where to Get Ferns
  • Fern Societies
  • Glossary
  • USDA Hardiness Zone Map

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