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The Gardener’s Guide to Growing Orchids

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  • Cultivating Orchids, by David Horak
    • Buying Orchids
    • Growing Requirements
      • Light and Water
      • Temperature, Humidity Levels, and Air
      • Fertilizing Orchids
    • Growing Media and Potting
  • Growing Orchids Under Lights, by Patti Lee
  • Orchid Diseases and Pests, by David Horak
  • Propagating Your Orchids
    • Vegetative Propagation, by Charles Marden Fitch
    • Raising Orchids From Seed, by Joseph Arditti and Yam Tim Wing
    • Micropropagation of Orchids, byJoseph Arditti and Yam Tim Wing
  • Hybridizing Orchids, by Andy Easton
  • Growing an Orchid Collection, by Dennis Dayan
  • Showing Orchids, by H. Phillips Jesup
  • For More Information
  • Suppliers
  • Contributors
  • Index

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