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Native Perennials: North American Beauties

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  • Garden-worthy Native Perennials, by Nancy Beaubaire
  • Floristic Provinces Map
  • Choosing Native Perennials for Your Garden, by Sally Roth
  • Designing Your Garden with Native Perennials, by Ken Druse
  • Growing Native Perennials, by Ruth Rogers Clausen
  • Why Have State Wildflowers?, by Felder Rushing
  • Encyclopedia of Native Perennials
    • Eastern Deciduous Forests, by Juliet A. Hubbard
    • Coastal Plain, by Ken Moore
    • Central Prairies and Plains, by C. Colston Burrell
    • Western Mountains and Pacific Northwest, by Gayle Weinstein
    • Western Deserts, by Judith Phillips
    • California, by Bob Perry
  • Sources of Native Perennials
  • Hardiness Zones Map
  • Contributors

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