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The Tree Care Primer

See Table of Contents
  • Getting to Know Trees
  • From Tree Growth to Tree Care
    • Tree Business
  • The Perfect Match: The Right Tree in the Right Place
  • Buying a Tree
    • Types of Trees
    • Problem Nursery Trees
    • Tree Sizes and Weights
  • Planting a Tree
    • Growing Trees in Containers
  • Pruning Primer
    • How to Prune Branches
  • Trees in Their Formative Years
    • Street Trees
  • Early Mature and Mature Trees
    • Trees, Neighbors, Money, and the Law
  • Ancient Trees
  • Dying and Dead Trees
  • Choosing Trees
    • List of Trees
  • Tree Health Care
  • The Language of Tree Care
  • USDA Hardiness Zone Map
  • Nursery and Tool Sources
  • For More Information
  • Contributors
  • Index

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