Activities from the Children’s Garden

Activities from the Children’s Garden

At-Home Projects

Explore some of our at-home projects below, including games, recipes, and crafts. Projects are geared toward a variety of ages. Join our mailing list to receive emails with activities, videos, and more!

Fun Spring Activity Emails

Signs of Spring
Make a garden journal, do a spring scavenger hunt, and create coffee filter peonies.

Spring Trees
Explore street trees, learn about phenology, and make a paper bag bonsai tree.

Sort seeds, grow seeds at home, make a living-seed necklace, and make seedy granola.

Check in on seedlings, grow carrot tops, and make carrot cookies.

Learn about animal homes, make a fairy house, play Hawk & Mouse, and make carrot-top pesto.

Go bird watching, make binoculars, build a bird’s nest, and make coconut “bird’s nest” cookies.

Create a home compost bin, make black bean “compost” dip, and play the Compost Shuffle game.

Learn an insect song, make a “worms in dirt” snack, play the In the Soil, On the Grass game, and make herbal bug spray.

Flowers & Pollinators
Learn about pollinators, craft leaf or paper pollinators, play pollinator tag, make sweet sun tea, and blend a citrus sunshine smoothie.

Fun Summer Activity Emails

Make sun tea, build a plant light maze, and make nature ice cubes.

Create herb prints and collages, make herb butter, and mix an herbal hand scrub.

Make fruit popsicles, create nature boats, and play a water-themed game.

Create art from recycled materials, make broccoli chips, and learn about your eco footprint.

Make sorrel, create prints with flowers, and learn about nectar guides.

Make cucumber and tomato salad, learn to save seeds, and make special prints with okra.

Garden Party
Celebrate summer by creating a special piñata, baking chocolate beet cake, and making refreshing watermelon mint lemonade.

Online Learning: Videos

Designed for the Garden’s Trees & Saplings and Seeds students (ages 2–6), these classes are full of songs, sensory explorations, and demonstrations. Watch at full frame!

  • Trees & Saplings: Sensing Spring!

  • Trees & Saplings: Growing!

  • Trees & Saplings: Animals!

  • Trees & Saplings: Birds!

  • Trees & Saplings: Compost!

  • Trees & Saplings: Bugs!

  • Trees & Saplings: Flowers & Pollinators!

  • Kitchen Gardening with Greta and Mac: Planting Seeds

    Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s director of Youth Programs discovers some of the seeds we have in our kitchens and guides children on a planting project.

Image, top of page: Hester Griffin