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Just a few months into its first year, the Visitor Center is already attracting wildlife. BBG gardener Barry Rogers, who oversees the plantings there, has spotted a mother rabbit and four babies nesting in the newly planted berm, a mockingbird nest in one of the new hawthorn trees, and most surprising of all, a well-camouflaged duck nest among the tall grasses on the green roof last week. “I thought birds would be scared off by such a new building, but this mother duck is making herself at home,” he says. He predicts that the six eggs will hatch in about two weeks. It’s unusual to see a duck nest so far from the water, says Rogers, and he’s concerned about the ducklings’ ability to make it to the Japanese Pond safely. Hopefully, their mama will find a way to make it happen. Watch for their first swimming lessons sometime in July.

Sarah Schmidt edits BBG's editorial content, including the blog, how-to articles, and the Guides for a Greener Planet handbook series.


  • Franchesca June 29, 2012

    Oh my god, they are super adorable. Nature’s beauty is what I call it.

  • amy June 27, 2012

    This is painfully cute!! Can’t wait for the ducklings!

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