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Birds Take Over Brooklyn Botanic Garden

The closure of Brooklyn Botanic Garden this spring has allowed birds the opportunity to have this urban habitat almost entirely to themselves. Without many people to interfere, a family of Canada geese has been flourishing, a cormorant has been fishing freely in the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden, young sparrows have been singing and bathing in the fountains, and a wide variety of warblers have been warbling. Not many humans have had access to these sights, but one of the few who has is photographer Steven Severinghaus.

Below are some of the amazing photos he has captured this spring. Enjoy this unprecedented look at their time almost alone in the Garden.

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  • Stuart Lerner July 23, 2020

    BBG one of best gardens on the planet. When I was a child I lived about a 10 minute walk to the garden (80 years ago). I wish I lived there now to see how it has grown.

  • mirella July 15, 2020

    This seems like a very valid reason to limit the numbers and times of entrance to the Garden once the pandemic passes. We should learn the lesson that our public gardens should belong to the animals just as much as people. (Of course, I don’t believe we humans could act in such a wise, mature or generous manner. Our culture teaches us the opposite.)

  • Maria Ramos July 8, 2020

    Beautiful birds in the Garden. Your photos just makes me miss the Garden even more. Thank you.

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