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Lily Pool Terrace Time-lapse

I'm so excited to unveil my latest time-lapse video of Lily Pool Terrace! Over three years ago, I had the idea of doing time-lapses of the different gardens and collections at BBG to show them in a new light. Of course, I started with the cherry trees. Today, that video has been viewed more than 150,000 times and has been seen all over the world. That same year, I was also able to capture the Cranford Rose Garden. But in hindsight, I had no idea how lucky I was to achieve such success.

In the years since, I've attempted numerous time-lapse videos, but either human error, forces of nature, lackluster timing, or just plain bad luck has gotten in the way. Fortunately, the fates were with us for this new video.

Lily Pool Terrace turned out to be an excellent subject. The water-lilies open and close daily. The sacred lotus unfurl their gigantic flowers and then drop their petals. The sky and nearby buildings are reflected in the still waters of the pool. Photographers practically dive in, setting their high-powered, expensive lenses within inches of their subjects. At dusk, the space is often transformed into a gathering place for wedding receptions or summer evening cocktails.

As with the previous videos, I'm especially thankful to Brooklyn-based musician Jon Solo for providing a beautiful and emotional original song to accompany the images. This video features an instrumental version of his song “Broken in Two,” available on his website at

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Dave Allen is a former BBG website manager.


  • natalia July 19, 2011

    wow the lilies really open every morning and close every night! i love the video thanks for sharing!

  • Mary Ferm July 14, 2011

    It’s amazing how much activity there is in a seemingly quiet part of the garden.  It’s going on right under our noses, but we don’t notice.  How wonderful that there was a heron there. The music was perfect.

  • Laura O'Shaughnessy-Swan July 12, 2011

    I love this place.  I appreciate this video more than you will ever know. Thank you.  Heaven on earth for sure.

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