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Plant Propagation at Brooklyn Botanic Garden (Video)

Many perennial plants at Brooklyn Botanic Garden are reproduced vegetatively, a technique that involves using a plant cutting or fragment to create a new plant that is a genetic copy of the parent. Some plants, like hardy begonias, produce bulbils along their stems that can be collected and used in this process.

Propagation specialist Patrick Austin gives a behind-the-scenes look at vegetative propagation as he collects hardy begonia bulbils to be grown in Bluebell Wood.


Michael Stewart is Brooklyn Botanic Garden's photographer and video producer.


  • Rebecca (Becky) Knipp July 9, 2020

    I guess I am on a personal quest to get the magnolia ‘Eva Maria’ back into the United States.  It is all over Europe but can’t be found in the US.  Gossler Farms in Oregon are willing to help.  I am in Indiana with a granddaughter named Eva.  According to your website you have a specimen.  Any thoughts on propagating it?

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