Fight for Sunlight

Protect Brooklyn’s Garden

Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s plant collections are under serious threat from a proposed massive building development just 150 feet from the Garden.

Tall towers in this location would obstruct hours of crucial sunlight each day and have a lasting negative impact on Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s greenhouses, conservatories, and nurseries. Educational programs that serve children and teens from across Brooklyn rely on these plants and are therefore also at risk.

Add your name to protect the Garden and preserve these vital community programs.

The Fight for Sunlight is a grassroots effort to prevent massive high-rise towers from blocking sunlight to our greenhouse complex. Specifically situated for access to sunlight, this complex is the beating heart of the Garden, housing 20 percent of our collection—including rare and endangered orchids, cacti, and bonsai—as well as the growing facilities that help replenish all 52 acres of the Garden.