BBG Announces Release of its Latest Indispensible Handbook July 1: Easy Compost

Release Date: 06/21/2013

Brooklyn, NY—As gardeners, municipalities, and neighbors take interest in greening their local spaces, Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s newest gardening reference, Easy Compost (available July 1 at and other national booksellers) is a compact, information-packed resource for practical, expert advice on creating and using nature’s “black gold.”

Compost is the closest thing possible to a garden elixir. It replenishes the life in soil and keeps plants in good health. Compost enhances the structure of soil and its ability to hold water, creates habitat for beneficial soil organisms, provides a source of nutrients for plants, and protects plants from pathogens. And of course, composting also reduces waste, allowing anyone to recycle food scraps at home instead of contributing to the waste stream.

Easy Compost—the latest handbook in Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s Guides for a Greener Planet series— is an ideal reference for the compost-curious and dedicated composters alike, with a special emphasis on the best techniques for city dwellers. This all-new edition of BBG’s best-selling 1997 guide will help readers learn the basics of how and where to start a compost system and see photos and detailed descriptions of a wide variety of working examples created for backyards, kitchens, rooftops, community gardens, and schools. Also included are brand new chapters on compost tea, urban composting, and school vermicomposting, as well as detailed carpentry plans for bins.

At the heart of the book are the basics of making good compost including information on materials, bin selection, and siting, as well as troubleshooting tips. Easy Compost also outlines how composting benefits your garden as well as the larger environment and describes the role of earthworms and the other tiny creatures that turn kitchen scraps and garden clippings into a rich garden tonic. Detailed instructions for composting indoors are also included. Editor Niall Dunne has updated chapters from the original edition, and Garden staff members and other experts have contributed brand-new material on state-of-the-art systems and trends in composting. New photos, illustrations, and easy-to-follow charts and diagrams make Easy Compost user-friendly for anyone.

What’s Inside
  • The basics on what, where, and how to compost
  • Detailed instructions on techniques like hot composting, worm composting, and compost tea
  • Step-by-step plans for building your own wooden bin or bench composter
  • Special advice for composting in school classrooms and urban settings
  • Tips for keeping your compost area clean, pleasant smelling, and pest-free

  • Easy Compost
    Niall Dunne, editor
    6" x 9" | 112 pages | full color throughout
    Printed on postconsumer recycled paper
    ISBN: 978-1-889538-84-6
    Available July, 2013

    About the editor: Niall Dunne is a former staff editor at Brooklyn Botanic Garden and the editor of the BBG handbooks A Native Plants Reader (2012), Great Natives for Tough Places (2009), and Healthy Soils for Sustainable Gardens (2009). He lives in Seattle, where he manages publications for Washington Park Arboretum and happily contributes his food and yard waste to the city’s curbside collection and composting program.

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