March 22, 2018 through March 2019

Pondlife, a multimedia exhibition by scientist and filmmaker Sally Warring, combines art and biology in an exploration of the microbial communities in the ponds and waterways at the Garden.

Microbes live in every environment on Earth, from the Arctic to the Amazon to your local park’s duck pond. They produce around half the world’s oxygen, degrade waste, form important symbioses with plants and animals, and have roles in our own bodies. Yet many people have never seen a microbe and don’t know what these tiny organisms do.

Explore this hidden world through the magnified photographs and videos that Warring took after collecting water samples from Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

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Pondlife: What Lives in the Water Here?


Pondlife is part of Brooklyn Botanic Garden's Green Garden, Green City initiative.

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Image, top of page: Sally Warring