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  • Thin Leaf Sunflower

    Thin Leaf Sunflower

    Helianthus decapetalus (thin leaf sunflower) in the Native Flora Garden. Photo: Alvina Lai, 07/21/2016

  • ‘Tamora’ Shrub Rose

    ‘Tamora’ Shrub Rose

    Rosa 'Tamora' (shrub rose) in the Rose Garden. Photo: Alvina Lai, 07/19/2016

  • Ornamental Onion

    Ornamental Onion

    Allium 'Summer Beauty' (ornamental onion) in the Perennial Border. Photo: Alvina Lai, 07/12/2016

  • ‘Petite Pink’ Common Oleander

    ‘Petite Pink’ Common Oleander

    Nerium oleander 'Petite Pink' (common oleander) in the Warm Temperate Pavilion. Photo: Alvina Lai, 07/07/2016

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