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Lilacs on the Move

BBG will be renovating and expanding the Native Flora Garden in 2011–2012 in celebration of its 100th anniversary. We are taking this opportunity to update the Garden’s Lilac Collection. The last time I had the chance to implement changes to our lilac display was between 1981 and 1985. Now we will be able to evaluate the health of individual specimens and transplant many of the species and later-flowering hybrids into the main collection.

Many of our species and their hybrids represent lilacs that have become increasingly rare as habitat in Asia changes with development. Two very special examples are Syringa pinnatifolia and a hybrid Syringa x diversifolia ‘William Judd’. Side by side you will be able to compare the leaf shape and see these are related, the former with pinnate leaves and the latter possessing characteristics of both Syringa pinnatifolia and Syringa vulgaris (common lilac).

Visitors should look forward to the continued experience of vivid color and fragrance while taking note of the new educational comparisons the Lilac Collection will provide.

Daniel Ryniec is a former curator of the Osborne Garden and the Lilac Collection at Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

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