Lilac Collection - Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Lilac Collection

Lilac Collection

The recently relocated Lilac Collection, situated along an accessible winding path between the Osborne Garden and the Cranford Rose Garden, features a diverse array of lilacs propagated from divisions of the original specimens from the Garden’s historic collection dating back to 1914.

The lilacs are displayed in chronological groups based on when they were first bred or noted in scientific literature, beginning with pre-1880 species and including many bred by French nurseryman Victor Lemoine in the early 20th century. More modern cultivars, including smaller varieties developed for home gardens, are also included. The new design, which was completed in 2019, allows access to people of all abilities along a gentle, contoured path.

Fragrant blossoms in white, violet, bluish, lilac, pinkish, magenta, and purple, in single and double forms, typically begin blooming in late April and reach their peak near Mother's Day. Late-blooming lilacs continue to bloom through the end of May.

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Image, top of page: Michael Stewart