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  • <em>Prunus serrulata</em> 'Taoyame' in BBG's Cherry Cultivars Area.

    Cherry ‘Taoyame’

    Prunus serrulata ‘Taoyame’ (flowering cherry cultivar) in the Cherry Cultivars Area.Photo: Blanca Begert.

  • small, yellow wildflowers

    Heart Leaved Groundsel

    Packera aurea (heart leaved groundsel) in the Native Flora Garden. Photo: Steven N. Severinghaus.

  • Tulipa (tulips) blooming in the Annual Border.


    Tulipa (tulips) in the Annual Border. Photo: Blanca Begert.

  • <em>Amelanchier arborea</em> (downy serviceberry) in BBG's Plant Family Collection.

    Downy Serviceberry

    Amelanchier arborea (downy serviceberry) in the Woodland Garden.Photo: Blanca Begert.

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