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Professional Development Workshops

Professional Development Workshops

Professional Development Workshops for Individual Schools or Educators' Groups

We will gladly work with your staff to develop a program tailored to support your professional development goals for science and other areas of study. Programs may include inquiry-based classroom explorations, nature and plant community exploration, and guidance for hands-on "potting-up" horticultural activities.

Some suggested workshop topics include the following:

  • Kitchen Botany: Plants We Eat
  • Exploring Plant Adaptations
  • Sensory Learning in the Garden
  • Exploring Native Plant Communities
  • Food and Social Justice
  • Agriculture and our Food System
  • Urban Environmental Sustainability

If you are interested in arranging a professional development workshop to meet your needs, please complete the Professional Development Workshop Request Form and we will contact you within 3ā€“5 business days.

Request a Professional Development Workshop

For more information, contact us at [email protected].

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