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Membership FAQs

Membership FAQs

Here are some frequently asked membership questions and our answers.

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Visiting the Garden

Do I need to reserve tickets in advance to enter the Garden as a member?

Advance reservations are strongly encouraged but not required. All visitors, including members, must have a ticket scanned to enter the Garden. If you do not have reserved tickets, you will need to wait in line at the ticket window. Advance tickets guarantee and expedite entry.

To reserve free member tickets, visit the ticketing page and, when prompted, use the primary email address on your membership to sign in. Your primary email address is provided in member communications; if you aren’t sure what it is, you can look up your membership. If you do not have an email address, you can book tickets by calling ShowClix Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 866-220-4001 and providing your membership ID number.

Upon entrance, members are required to show their membership card or membership email confirmation along with their tickets.

If you reserve a ticket that you cannot use, please return it so that another visitor might use it. You can return your ticket easily using the Cancel My Tickets button on your receipt email. If you want to cancel a partial order, have not received a receipt, or have other issues with your tickets, please contact Showclix at their Ticket Buyer’s Support site.

Do I need to reserve tickets to use my guest pass(es)?

You do not have to reserve a ticket to use your guest pass, but we recommend it. You can reserve a Member Guest with Pass ticket while reserving your member tickets. A member must be present when using the guest pass ticket. If you do reserve a Member Guest with Pass ticket, you must present a green guest pass along with the ticket at the entry gate. If you do not have a guest pass, you will be charged for the ticket.

I haven’t received my membership materials. How long will it take to get them?

Membership packets arrive in four to six weeks.

If you have not received your membership card before your visit, please use the confirmation email that includes your membership information at the bottom. This will serve as your membership card until you receive your new or updated cards in the mail. The admissions booth staff can also look up your membership status if needed.

The confirmation email does not include guest or parking privileges. You must wait for the passes to arrive in the mail.

Do I have an active membership?

Look Up Expiration Date and Confirm Primary Email

Enter your email and zip code to see if there is an active membership associated with your email.

Look Up Primary Email Using Member ID from Membership Card

Enter your member number and zip code and we’ll display your account’s primary email address and expiration date. If we don’t have an email address on file for your membership, you’ll be asked to provide one.

I’m considering membership…

What does BBG membership include?

  • Free general admission to the Garden, including special members-only hours
  • Free admission for children ages 17 and under
  • Exclusive discounts and offers for Lightscape and other ticketed events
  • 10% discount at the Garden Shop and on BBG dining/li>
  • Discounts on adult and children’s classes
  • Subscription to BBG’s Plants & Gardens members’ newsletter and members’ News
  • Use of the Gardener’s Help Line
  • Privileges at botanic gardens across the country
  • Discounts from local merchants

Additional benefits are offered at higher levels of membership. Visit Membership for more information.

Which membership level is right for me?

Brooklyn Botanic Garden offers a range of membership options designed to meet the needs of most visitors. Visit Membership to see the various levels and rates, and contact us at [email protected] or 718-623-7210 with questions regarding the best membership level for you.

Do you offer any discounts on membership?

Yes, we offer a $10 senior discount (for adults 65 and older) on the Individual and Dual levels of membership.

Do I need to add a second name on membership applications for the Dual level and above?

No need to specify a second name at the Dual level and above. If a second name is not specified, both membership cards will be printed in your name.

Can my caregiver bring my children to the Garden and use my card?

At the Friends & Family level and higher, you can pass on one of your two membership cards to a caregiver to bring your children to the Garden. At these levels of membership, it doesn’t matter if the caregiver’s name is not listed on the membership card.

What is a Signature Plant?

Each spring a special selection of plants is offered to members at the Garden Circle level and above. BBG’s Horticulture staff chooses them for their beauty and ability to thrive in a wide range of conditions, so you’re sure to find something perfect for your garden. Eligible members receive one or two Signature Plants, available for pickup in spring.

How do I become a member?

Memberships are available for purchase online, by mail, or in person at the Garden entrances. We recommend purchasing online to receive your confirmation email and visit the Garden in a timely manner.

I just became a BBG member…

My email isn’t working to access tickets. When will my membership be active?

The membership database and ticketing system are separate, so Membership staff needs to process the membership before your information can be uploaded to reserve tickets. It make take 3–4 days for your membership to become active. Please use the membership lookup tool to check your membership status.

How long does it take to receive my membership card?

Your membership card and other materials will arrive in approximately four to six weeks. Your purchase-confirmation email along with your reserved member ticket can be used to gain entry to the Garden. If it’s been more than four weeks since your order and you haven’t received your membership packet, please contact us at [email protected] and include your current address to expedite a replacement card.

When will I receive my guest passes?

Your guest passes (and parking passes at the Dual level and above) and other materials will arrive about four to six weeks from your membership purchase with your membership card. Please note: If you reserve a Member Guest with Pass ticket, the green guest pass must be presented along with the ticket.

Can I change the name(s) on my membership after purchase?

Yes, if you just joined and wish to change the name(s) on your card, just return all your current membership cards to be issued cards with the new name(s). Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

When will my membership expire?

Your membership is valid for one year from the month you purchased it. You can always look up your membership info, or email [email protected] or call 718-623-7210 to inquire about your expiration date.

I never received my membership materials. What do I do?

Please contact us at [email protected] and include your current address to receive a replacement membership package. Please note that replacement packages will take four to six weeks to arrive.

I’d like to manage my membership…

How can I upgrade my membership?

Memberships may be upgraded at any time by paying the difference between the current level and the higher level. Level upgrades do not change the expiration date. Members who wish to upgrade within two months of expiration may also choose to simply renew at the higher level. Please email [email protected] or call 718-623-7210 to complete a membership upgrade.

How do I change a name on my membership?

Email [email protected], and we will be happy to help you change a name on your membership. You must return all your current membership cards to be issued cards with the new name(s).

How do I replace a lost or stolen membership card?

Email [email protected], and we will be happy to replace your membership card. Please note that replacement cards take four to six weeks to arrive due to a limited number of staff working on-site.

I misplaced my membership card and have tickets to visit today. Will I still be allowed entry?

Yes, just stop by one of our admission booths. Our admission team can look up your information on our database and confirm your membership status.

I have a question about my benefits...

How many guests can I bring to the Garden?

Each membership level offers free general admission (including for members-only hours) for the following:

  • Individual: 1 Adult
  • Dual: 2 Adults
  • Friends & Family: 2 members plus 2 guests (4 adults)
  • Contributor: 2 members plus 2 guests (4 adults)
  • Supporter: 2 members plus 4 guests (6 adults)
  • Patron: 2 members plus 6 guests (8 adults)
  • President’s Circle: 2 members plus unlimited guests

When can I use my guest passes?

Member guest passes can be used for public hours and members-only events. You are not required to reserve a ticket to use the guest pass; however, if you do reserve a Member Guest with Pass ticket, the green pass must be presented at the entry gate along with the ticket. If a guest pass is not present, you will be charged for the ticket. You will need to wait to use the guest pass until you receive your membership packet. Guest passes are valid for your full membership year.

When can I use my parking passes?

Parking passes may be used during public hours and members’ hours for the parking lot located at 990 Washington Avenue. For free parking, you must present the physical parking pass with your membership card upon exiting the lot. Parking passes are not replaceable if lost or stolen.You will need to wait to use the parking pass until you receive your membership packet. Parking passes are valid for your full membership year.

Where can I find more information about members-only events and discounts?

Visit Member Events and Discounts to find more information. Email [email protected] with specific questions.

What privileges do I have at other botanic gardens?

Your current membership card entitles you to special admission privileges and discounts at nearly 300 gardens throughout North America and the Cayman Islands through the American Horticultural Society. For a full listing of participating gardens and their reciprocal admission programs, please visit

I have a question about ticketed events...

I just joined or renewed as a member—can I purchase tickets right away?

Memberships purchased online will not have active ticket privileges for 2–3 days. Once your membership has been activated, you will receive a confirmation email and will be able to purchase tickets.

Can I use my guest pass to bring a guest with me to ticketed events?

No; guest passes offer complimentary admission for your guests during our regular hours and cannot be used for ticketed events.

Can I use my parking pass during ticketed events?

Yes; parking passes may be used in our parking lot during ticketed events.

If my plans change, can I get a refund for my ticket?

We do not offer refunds for our ticketed events.

Can I exchange my ticket for a different day/time?

For events occurring over multiple days, you can contact our ticketing platform, ShowClix, in advance of your visit at 866-220-4001 or by chat at ($10 exchange fee per order). Customer support is available 10 a.m.–6 p.m. (Sundays by chat only); after hours you may leave a message or submit a contact form.

I am a member of another botanical garden. Can I get free or discounted tickets?

No; we do not offer free admission to ticketed events and any discounts are only offered to members of BBG.

Can I get free or discounted tickets as a patron of a library with a BBG membership?

No; only direct members of BBG are eligible to receive discounted tickets.

I want to give a membership as a gift…

How can I give a gift membership?

You may purchase a gift membership online.

Do you send membership materials directly to the gift recipient?

Yes, all membership materials are mailed directly to the gift recipient at the address provided. This will be the first notice they receive about the gift. You will receive an acknowledgement that you can pass along to the gift recipient.

Can you accommodate special delivery requests?

Unfortunately, no. Due to the number of gift memberships processed, we are unable to offer any special requests.

Do you have a flexible start date on gift memberships?

Unfortunately, no. The gift membership is valid for one year from the month it is purchased.

Have another question?

Email us at [email protected] or call Membership at 718-623-7210.

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