Ohkehteau (Plants of the Earth): A Shinnecock Oral History

Ohkehteau (Plants of the Earth): A Shinnecock Oral History

Plants contain a multitude of stories—botanical, medical, ecological, and more. Humans also have many stories to tell about plants. Ohkehteau (Plants of the Earth): A Shinnecock Oral History highlights native plants around Brooklyn Botanic Garden and the ways that Indigenous peoples use and know them with signs and audio. On your self-guided tour, hear Chenae Bullock tell stories passed down to her and describe traditional uses for plants, including medicines that have been used for thousands of years.

Look for exhibit signs around the Native Flora Garden.

An illustrated map of the Native Flora Garden with markers for 11 different plants.

“It’s hard to protect what you cannot recognize. This tour was made with good intent to share the value of the plants and in turn, protect our Earth.” —Chenae Bullock

Plants of the Earth Audio

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