Blue Heron Triangle - Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Blue Heron Triangle

Chen Chen & Kai Williams
HDPE, bamboo, fabric
6 ft. × 6 ft. × 6 ft.
Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden

Artists Chen Chen and Kai Williams created this piece to provide a fishing platform for the great blue herons who frequent the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden. They reused plastic cartons from their studio, to reduce the waste produced from the creation of the work, topped with silk flags that invoke plastic bags. “We often use plastic bags for their graphics in our practice and want to separate the graphics, which are beautiful, from the trash the bag creates,” they say.

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    Chen Chen (b. 1985, China) and Kai Williams (b. 1984, U.S.) met while attending the Pratt Institute. Their studio, founded in New York City in 2011, explores materials and new ways to use them, while creating everything from handmade one-off and limited-production collectible works to specialty home goods carried by retailers around the world. Whether inventing new techniques and materials or diverting common industrial supplies to off-label applications, an overarching sensitivity to materials and production processes carries through.

    Artist website:
    Instagram: @chenandkai

Photo: Chen Chen, Kai Williams


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