Birdhouse - Brooklyn Botanic Garden
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Shun Kinoshita + Charlap Hyman & Herrero
Silver nitrate, resin, plaster, paper
15 in. × 15 in. × 18 in.
Rose Arc

Inspired by the architecture of caves and the lightness of clouds, designers Shun Kinoshita, Adam Charlap Hyman, and Andre Herrero designed this birdhouse for all birds, including the spirits of birds long gone. “We hope viewers feel as though they have encountered an apparition,” they say.

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    Charlap Hyman & Herrero is an architecture and design firm that takes a fully integrated approach to conceptualizing and executing spaces in their totality. Principals Adam Charlap Hyman (b. 1989, U.S.) and Andre Herrero (b. 1989, U.S.), whose backgrounds are in interior design and architecture, lead a practice that considers all aspects of the built environment, from site plan to furniture.

    Shun Kinoshita’s (b. 1990, Japan) work is informed by a nostalgia for his native Japan and Shinto traditions, where everyday objects are enshrined with natural spirits.

    Artist website:
    Instagram: @ch_herrero
    Instagram: @shunkinoshita

Photo: Adam Andre


Before the World
Laurie Anderson

This recording from The Birdsong Project was selected to complement this birdhouse.

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