Lightscape - Windseeds


Created by Norman Mooney
Magnolia Plaza

With these three large-scale stainless steel sculptures—8, 10, and 12 feet in diameter—evoking the white seeds of a dandelion, Brooklyn-based artist Norman Mooney seeks to connect our individual sense of self with the larger rhythms and patterns found in the natural world and to give context to our place within the greater universal mass that surrounds us.

Mooney makes interior and exterior installations, drawings, and works on paper that explore the elemental and cyclical synergies of nature.

Artist Website:

Windseeds by Norman Mooney. Photo by Liz Ligon.

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Installation Map

Over a million dazzling lights animate the enchanting trail of installations for the Garden’s after-dark, illuminated spectacular Lightscape.

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A yellow line indicates a route looping into the Garden from the Visitor Center and out at Eastern Parkway. Along the route are stars and icons showing locations of installations, food & drink, and bathrooms.
Image, top of page: Photo by Liz Ligon.