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Community Greening

Brooklyn Botanic Garden promotes urban greening through education, conservation, and creative partnerships. Working with block associations, community gardens, and other service groups, the Garden is building a vibrant network of people, places, and projects dedicated to making Brooklyn a greener place. Learn More ›

For more information or to join the community greening mailing list, contact [email protected] or call 718-623-7250.

Community Greening Classes

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NYC Compost Project hosted by Brooklyn Botanic Garden

The NYC Compost Project hosted by Brooklyn Botanic Garden provides compost outreach education to New York City residents, institutions, and businesses. Part of a citywide program created by the NYC Department of Sanitation’s Bureau of Recycling and Sustainability, the NYC Compost Project helps to reduce waste in NYC and rebuild city soils by giving New Yorkers the knowledge, skills, and opportunities they need to produce and use compost.

Visit BBG’s Composting Exhibit, located near the Children's Garden, to see a variety of compost bins, organic materials in different stages of decomposition, and signs to explain the composting process.

For more information, call the Compost Hotline at 718‑623‑7290 or email [email protected].

Composting Classes

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Master Composter trainees demonstrate aerating a compost bin. Photo by Jenny Blackwell.
Leonard Hodges leads workshop on starting from seeds at Making Brooklyn Bloom 2010.
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