Master Composter Certificate

The master composter certificate course is a train-the-trainer program with a community service component. This comprehensive course covers how composting benefits backyards and gardens, as well as how it fits into New York City's waste management plans. Participants gain a thorough understanding of the composting process, receive detailed information on how to use finished compost, get hands-on experience in designing and building compost systems appropriate for many situations, and explore techniques for teaching others about composting.

To become a master composter requires 18–23 hours of classroom instruction, two field trips, plus 15 hours of supervised community training, and 15 hours of independent projects/community service. Participants design projects according to their interests; projects might include giving classes at schools, building compost bins at community gardens, giving workshops at block parties, working at demonstration sites, or presenting slide shows to civic associations.

The Master Composter Certificate course is offered every spring by the NYC Compost Projects at the botanical gardens in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island; the Manhattan Compost Project offers the program in the fall. To apply to take the master composter certificate course, use the online master composter application form.

Karla with compost tea
Karla Osorio-Perez masterfully brews compost tea at BBG.
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