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Garden Quest

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Fall Garden Quests

Have you ever wondered whether a pumpkin is a fruit or vegetable? Do you know how plants keep warm in the winter, or why leaves change color? Become a botanist and find answers to plant science questions while visiting the Garden and with at-home experiments. Each quest includes a short video, Garden exploration, and at-home activity.

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Are pumpkins fruits or vegetables?

Garden Exploration: Fruit Check

A fruit is a part of a plant that develops from a flower and holds seeds. On your Garden exploration, use this Fruit Check worksheet along with your observations to figure out if a plant part is a fruit or not.

Fruit Check (PDF)

At-Home Activity: Fruit Science

Follow these links to continue your quest at home and become a plant scientist!

Activity: Dissect a Pumpkin

Recipe: Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Why do leaves change color?

Garden Exploration: Leaf Color

Every fall, leaves put on a spectacular show of color. The green color in leaves comes from chlorophyll. Where do the other colors come from? Watch the video to learn about fall color, then use this worksheet to grant awards to the best leaves you can find in the Garden.

Leaf Awards (PDF)

At-Home Activity: Leaf Chromatography

Follow this link to continue your quest at home and conduct experiments!

Activity: See Chlorophyll and Other Leaf Pigments with Chromatography

How do seeds move?

Garden Exploration: Seed Dispersal

Have you ever wondered how seeds manage to get from place to place so new plants can grow? Plants rely on wind, water, animals, and even people to help spread their seeds. On your visit to the Garden, see how many seeds you can observe, and play seed bingo while searching for a few special ones.

Seed Bingo (PDF)

At-Home Activity: Traveling Seeds

Follow this link to continue your quest at home and conduct experiments!

Activity: Learn How Seeds Travel and Design Your Own Seed Pod

How do plants keep warm in the winter?

Garden Exploration: Seasonal Strategies

When temperatures drop in late fall, we put on coats and hats to ward off the chill. Plants have their own adaptations for keeping warm in the winter! On your next visit, see if you can observe any of these strategies, and try a seasonal changes scavenger hunt.

Scavenger Hunt: Keeping Warm in Winter (PDF)

At-Home Activity: Apple-Themed Recipes

Follow this link to warm up with some apple-themed recipes.

Recipes: Apple Butter and Cinnamon Apple Chips

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