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Visit with Kids

Discovery Garden: Activities, Games, and Cool Exhibits

This one-acre garden for kids is filled with fascinating plants and loads of hands-on activities. There are scavenger hunts, science stations, and games.

Look for

  • The giant bird’s nest. Go inside and build your own nest!
  • An elevated boardwalk. Walk just beneath the canopies of Lavelle's cork and black locust trees.
  • The “insect hotel,” which hosts leaf-cutter bees, praying mantises, and termites.

Discovery Workshops are often held here too. Depending on the day, you may be able plant your own vegetables, investigate earthworms, or go on a pollinator hunt.

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Off the Beaten Path: A Winding Stream, an Indoor Forest, and Tiny Trees

Some of the most delightful features in the Garden can be found in unexpected places. Curious kids are sure to discover their own cherished spots, but here are some perennial favorites.

Look for

  • Venus flytraps, pitcher plants, and sundews in the carnivorous plant display on Lily Pool Terrace. Dragonflies hover around the pools’ aquatic plants in warm months. In winter, look for these plants in the Steinhardt Conservatory's Aquatic House.
  • The stream that winds through the Plant Family Collection.
  • Plants you can smell and touch in the Fragrance Garden.
  • The indoor desert, tropical rainforest, and temperate habitats in the Conservatory.
  • Small trees in the Bonsai Museum, and the huge Victoria lily pads in the Aquatic House.
  • Cherry Esplanade’s lush, green lawn, perfect for resting or playing.

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