Tina Marie Wilcox and Susan Belsinger - Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Tina Marie Wilcox and Susan Belsinger

Tina Marie Wilcox and Susan Belsinger

Tina Marie Wilcox has been the head gardener and herbalist at the Ozark Folk Center's Heritage Herb Garden in Mountain View, Arkansas, since 1984. She tends the extensive gardens, plans and coordinates annual herbal events and workshops, and facilitates the production and sale of plants, seeds, and herbal products for the park. She also gives lectures and workshops throughout the United States in herb growing, living history, and herb use.

Susan Belsinger is a food writer and photographer. Her work has appeared in publications including Gourmet, Food & Wine, Kitchen Garden, and Organic Gardening magazine. She is the coauthor of New Southwestern Cooking, (MacMillan, 1985), The Chile Pepper Book (Interweave Press, 1994), and Classic Southwest Cooking (Jessica's Biscuit, 1996). She gives lectures and demonstrations on chiles throughout the United States and Canada.

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