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Bikes at BBG

BBG has added two bikes and two utility trikes to its fleet of vehicles. The Garden's curators and other Horticulture staff are now able to use the cycles to travel around the grounds and haul small loads of equipment to their work sites instead of taking a truck, thus reducing fossil fuel use as well as noise. During the peak seasons of spring, summer, and fall, visitors will see and hear fewer motor vehicles on the paths as BBG continues to increase its fleet of cycles.

“This is part of a bigger effort to reduce our use of gas-powered machinery. Together with increasing our new bike and trike fleet, we’re continuing to replace our older trucks with electric ones as we get the chance,” says Ronnit Bendavid-Val, director of Gardens and Grounds. Future plans also include investigating battery-powered leaf blowers and other alternatives to gas-powered tools. Stay tuned for more developments!

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