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Lily Pool Terrace and Borders

Lily Pool Terrace and Borders

Spectacular year-round, Lily Pool Terrace features two large rectangular pools bordered by the Perennial Border and Annual Border.

The pools are planted with nearly 100 varieties of hardy and tropical water-lilies and sacred lotuses, creating a stunning attraction in July, August, and September. The Perennial Border, on the east side of Lily Pool Terrace, displays woody and herbaceous plants with a continuous display of bloom from spring through fall and structural interest through the winter. The Annual Border, lining the west side of the pools, comes alive in early spring with its famed bulb display, including thousands of tulips, alliums, and other spectacular spring bloomers. Each summer brings a unique new design of colorful flowers and foliage plants created by the garden's curator.



Watch curator Wayken Shaw explain how an abstract art movement inspired one of his bulb displays.

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