woven - Brooklyn Botanic Garden


Sourabh Gupta
Burlap, husk, plaster, water-based sealer
30 in. × 24 in. × 18 in.

After witnessing a flock of sparrows prancing, jumping, and chasing each other on the Garden grounds, designer Sourabh Gupta was inspired to design his birdhouse for communal, sociable birds. For Gupta, woven—created from burlap and husk—is a representation of that inner bird in him, yearning for winds, sky, and a community. “I have flown across many oceans, thousands of miles away,” Gupta says, “in search of better strands to weave a home for myself and those I care for.”

  • A dark-haired man with a terrier on his lap poses in front of indoor plants.

    Sourabh Gupta (b. 1990, India) is a New York–based multidisciplinary designer working at the intersection of art, design, and architecture. While his inspirations to explore and innovate are surely broad, at the center of it all is but one desire—to create. His recent work explores the concept of botanicals and the natural world and has been featured in T: The New York Times Style Magazine, Elle, Reuters TV, India Design Forum, Garden Museum London, Bolton Historical Museum, Design Boom, and the Met Gala.

    Artist website: sourabhguptadesign.com
    Instagram: @sourabh_gupta_design

Photo: Matthew Novak


Fly Away (With the Songs)
Michael Rother & Vittoria Maccabruni

This recording from The Birdsong Project was selected to complement this birdhouse.

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