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White Spruce

Picea glauca
White spruce

Picea glauca is a species of spruce native to boreal forests in North America, ranging from Newfoundland to central Alaska. A mature white spruce can be 80 to 140 feet tall with a trunk 3 feet in diameter. It is widely harvested for paper making and is also used to make sounding boards for pianos and violins.

Identifying Characteristics:

  1. Leaves are needlelike, at least four times longer than wide.
  2. Needles occur singly, not in clusters.
  3. Buds are round or egg-shaped and have blunt tips.
  4. Needles are on woody projections on the stem.
  5. Bud scales are pressed tightly together; buds are small, less than 1/4 inch long.
  6. Needles have a slight gray or blue cast.
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