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Weaving a Nest

This morning I had the chance to volunteer to weave sticks (some the size of small trees!), and I have to rave about the experience. What a terrific way to step out of the office and into the Garden. People were so curious as we wove ourselves more and more into the piece. And we could hear (but not necessarily see) the visitors passing by and talking with great wonder and excitement about what was unfolding.

The BBG volunteers who were there with me also loved it. And it seemed so did the red-tailed hawk that perched nearby the whole time, watching what perhaps it sees as a new home.

So I started my day with leaves and twigs in my hair, and a reminder of what it’s like to be working out in the Garden in some fashion. Really wonderful project. Wonderful to see the signage and volunteer-staffed table out there so people can learn more. And wonderful to see the excitement and curiosity growing.

Leslie Findlen is the vice president of Development and Membership at Brooklyn Botanic Garden.


  • Laura O'Shaughnessy August 11, 2010

    I am an art teacher here on the south shore of Long Island.  I have been following this project and would love to volunteer my time and creative ability.  Is that a possibilty?


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