Natural Attractions - Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Natural Attractions

Through October 20, 2024

Celebrate the plant-pollinator love story through the lens of Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s vast and varied collections and the native insects to which they are inextricably linked.

This plant-centered exhibition and program series focuses on native insect pollinators and will inspire a new way of seeing and appreciating the essential necessity of plants—and insects—to our lives and the life of our planet.

Explore a kid-friendly exhibit in the Discovery Garden, an interactive pollinator lounge in Oak Circle, and a comprehensive exhibit in the Conservatory Gallery, or drop by for a special tour, performance, or educational activity.

Free with Garden admission.

A skinny black wasp with black wings sits on yellow florets.
A large brown moth collects pollen from a cluster of purple florets.
Grooves roughly cut into a piece of flat wood, edged with an inked and painted pattern
A butterfly with bright orange and black wings sits on a vivid red, globe-shaped flower.
A leaf-cutter bee on a flower.
Blue light reveals a leaf-like pattern on a piece of wood with holes of various diameters
A small orange moth sits on a purple globe flower.
A fat fuzzy bee with clear wings harvests pollen from tiny yellow florets.


  • A sand wasp harvests pollen from swamp milkweed at Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

    Pollinators at Work

    Explore the connections between plants and their pollinators through signage in the Garden. Learn about the vital role pollinating insects play in bringing us the fruits we love in the Herb Garden. Engage your senses by exploring the Annual & Perennial Borders and planters outside the Children’s Garden to see how plants use vibrant colors, scents, and shapes to attract pollinators.